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as a dedicated Research & Development team. We also have
close strategic partnerships with highly specialized outside
experts. Our methodology and systems evolve and improve
with every project. We keep an open mind to proven new
technology by exploring innovative solutions. While we
thrive on originality and creativity, we also keep a firm grasp
on feasibility and safety.

MY Alfa Nero 82 m What about the quality of Oceanco’s work?
Good enough is not Good enough. We do not believe in
A quale clientela vi rivolgete? rigidity. We never say, ‘this is the only way to do it’. We are
Non abbiamo uno stereotipo o un profilo culturale. I nostri nothing if not flexible— however, we are never flexible when
clienti vengono da ogni parte del mondo e sono tutti profes- it comes to quality craftsmanship, superb workmanship,
sionisti molto esperti e leader nel proprio settore. Si possono advanced engineering, improved technology, and ultimate
ben permettere di scegliere il meglio, e scelgono noi. Molti safety.
dei nostri clienti tornano da noi più di una volta. Esigono
che il proprio yacht sia costruito dalla Oceanco. Who is your clientele?
There is no one stereotype or cultural profile. Our clients
are from around the world—all are highly knowledgeable
professionals and leaders in their respective fields. They have
the means to be choosy and they choose us. Several of our
clients are repeat customers. They want their yacht to be built
by Oceanco.

MY Nirvana 88,50 m

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