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internazionale tale da vintage and the interpretation that the artist gives enchantment ), will be presented by the
raggiungere valori d’asta così to the ORNELLAIA Artist Harvest project. Bolgheri company in Basel at Sotheby’s
alti è ancora più bello perché il on April 23 in an evening of fundraising,
progetto prevede la donazione Ornellaia Artist Harvest: not simple and it will beat at auction some batches
del ricavato dell’asta Charity bottles but real works of art, unique in of this Tuscan fine bottle. What kind
annuale per il supporto their kind. When was this project born and of satisfaction have you got to see this
dell’arte nel mondo. what does it propose? important collectible bottle up for auction?
It was created with the 2006 harvest and the It is even more beautiful to see an Italian
Da trent’anni vede nascere character of The Exuberance, masterfully wine, Tuscan, with a consideration and an
uno dei più famosi grandi interpreted by Luigi Ontani. It is not easy to international attraction as to reach auction
vini rossi italiani. Quando e make a label and a Work of Art, only starting values so high because the project involves
come è arrivato il successo from a noun, but with the Exuberance Luigi the donation of the proceeds of the annual
per Ornellaia? Ontani has done an extraordinary job. Charity auction to support art in the world.
Il successo è arrivato piano
piano, anno dopo anno. La John Armleder was the artist chosen to For thirty years you saw the birth of one
consacrazione a miglior vino capture the essence of 2012. What are of the most famous great Italian red
del mondo è stato il primo the next artists that would you like to wines. When and how did the success for
tassello. Il lavoro quotidiano involve in this important project? Ornellaia arrive?
per la ricerca costante della This is an international project that we care Success came gradually, year after year. The
migliore interpretazione del very much, we always try to choose the consecration to best wine in the world was
territorio è il vero successo. number one. The next will be a Japanese the first dowel. The daily work for a constant
whose name I still prefer not to reveal. search for the best interpretation of the
‘Ornellaia 2012 “ L’incanto” ( The territory is the real success.

Vigneto Ornellaia

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