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Located in Olbia, inside its impressive Sno faci-
lities, one of the largest shipyard in the Medi-
terranean, Sno Manufacturing builds some
of the most beautiful boats in the world:
Novamarine. A technical staff with over
twenty years of experience that in-
cludes designers, qualified craftsmen
and skilled hands works side by side to
give shape to unique boats that are
the pure expression of style, beauty,
power and state-of-the-art techno-
logy. A new way to build, vacuum in-
fusion technology, innovative foam
filled tubes, advanced technologies,
the use of high quality materials and
great passion together allow the
company to maintain the high quality
standards that find official validation
in attaining the most stringent and pre-
stigious certifications. Novamarine boa-
ts are “tailor made” to the buyer’s spe-
cifications and almost fully customizable
and lots of components are hand-made by

our specialists who use steel and all the other
available materials to create pieces and acces-
sories with shapes hard to find ready on the mar-
ket using. The sum total of all these factors gives the
customer the peace of mind of having a unique boat that
reflects his character and style.

Beauty and power in motion

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